Bolide Relax Bag

Some say it is a forerunner of other emblematic models like the Kelly, the Constance, and even of the world wide known Birkin. An iconic bag by Hermès, the Bolide model has seen the light of day in 1923 and has been reinvented many times since then, while still remaining a fairly simple zip bag with two handles. However, the Bolide is more than just a bag. It is a way of pursuing fashion by means of a classical item that will always be stylish. It is a way of expressing yourself as well as a statement to the world that you are a fashion lover with exquisite taste.

Bolide Relax Bag (1)

Bolide Relax is a double handle bag exquisitely adorned with a leather medallion that provides it with a relaxed tone of elegance. Whether you are looking for a comfortable bag to suit your contemporary aesthetic taste at the same time or for a classy item you can rely on for years, Bolide Relax is the perfect choice. Standing in line with other big Hermès names like Birkin and Kelly, the Bolide is an appealing fashion accessory you will fully appreciate for its simple design, quality and security guarantee.

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Only one drawback has been reported with the Bolide, especially with women who need an everyday sizeable bag: the model’s domed shape makes its inside less spacious than it would seem at first sight, especially when we are dealing with a rigid bag. However, there is enough space for your daily kit, including make up, documents, wallet and other things a woman carries with her all day long. Despite how it might seem at first sight, the two handles are very comfortable, even when carrying the bag on your arm.

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A great choice for handbag lovers, Bolide Relax is by far one of the best models Hermès has created, hence its almost a century durability and this bag’s power to get reinvented time after time. Bolide Relax will never go out of fashion and it will immediately turn into your best fashion accesory and companion. The choice of colors is also great, especially if you love classical leather tones that go with any outfit you might choose to wear that day. An always trendy bag model, Bolide Relax is a purchase decision you will not regret as it will remain fashionable and reliable as long as you want it to.