Cabalicol Tote Bag

A gorgeous and daring statement bag that will help you express yourself, your shiny personality and your clear message that you are a trendy woman who knows how to remain stylish no matter the season, the Cabalicot Tote is an amazing fashion accessory that has been conceived by the iconic fashion house especially for modern women like you that take elegance and style very seriously. A high quality leather tote available in a wide range of fablous colors, the Cabalicot Tote will immediately spice up your collection of accessories and will add a touch of color to all your outfits. No matter what you decide to put on, your great looking Hermes bag that comes with a great French sounding name will attract all the attention.


An iconic tote model belonging to the big size range of Hermes’ collection, the Cabalicot Tote makes a great discover for all those women with an eye for style, but also an inclination for the practical side of things, who have been searching for a roomy bag that would enable them carry around different items that a modern woman needs nowadays, from cosmetics to briefs and work related documents. There is no problem in finding a spacious bag, but any fashionista will tell you that these kinds of accessories don’t come with innovative designs, and this is the gap that the Cabalicot Tote is filling, bringing a great solution for any woman with complex needs and sophisticated taste when it comes to picking a bag.



Moreover, the Cabalicot Tote will enrich your wardrobe with the worldwide famous Hermes quality that stands for strong symbols like loyalty and perseverance. These are the values you will support with the Cabalicot Tote and this is the statement message you will send to everyone around you when wearing this luxury bag by Hermes. Inside the Cabalicot Tote, you will certainly appreciate the compartments especially designed for your valuables to be transported in total safety no matter how long you are out of the house. Whether you are planning a wardrobe for the hottest days of summer or you are preparing for the cold season, it is not important. The Cabalicot Tote suits all seasons and matches all tastes, allowing you to remain trendy all year round.