Caleche Express

You may be wondering what a Caleche Express is? It’s a Hermes bag! The famous fashion house decided to try its hands creativity and innovation power not only when it comes to shapes and fabrics, but also when coming up with a bag name. The Caleche Express owes its name to the bag’s great combination of functionality and elegance. Indeed, Caleche Express has everything a Hermes bag needs to seduce instantly the fashionista in you and the practical woman that you are at the same time. Your taste for style and high quality accessories as well as your inclination for comfortable and sizeable bags will be met with Caleche Express.


If you have been looking for a reliable big bag that at the same time looks stylish and features an innovative design, you have certainly found the gem you were searching for with this bag by Hermes called Caleche Express – a fashion item able to completely change the general conceptions on style and comfort. Featuring solid leather handles, Caleche Express is made of canvas, and has a special appeal. Its body is rather flexible because of the canvas fabric, and the design includes granulated leather trimming. Besides the gorgeous shape and a very generous size, Caleche Express brings along the features of a Hermes bag: high quality standard and a classy design able to defy fashion trends and remain stylish all along the years.


While wearing it you will certainly have a youthful look, while benefiting from the fabulous style only a classic fashion item can provide. Inside the bag, you will appreciate the suede leather lining and the ingenious compartmenting into special pockets for smart phone and secure storing that a modern woman needs. The high quality calf leather will make sure this bag will accompany you for many years.


The color choice is also favorable to everyday use. The light tone of the canvas is nicely complimented by the brown leather trimming, and the leather handles ensure the bag’s resistance and reliability in time. You can carry with it heavy stuff without any worry as the handles will help you arrive to the destination safely. A Hermes bag that embodies all the great features the brand has accustomed us with, Caleche Express is the bag you have been looking for. It will immediately turn into your daily companion and your functional fashion accessory.