Double Sens Tote

A comfortable and elegant bag, Hermes Double Sens is a tote model launched on the market in the fall winter season of 2010. Its success  has been huge and this is no wonder for such a versatile and practical bag equipped with a double strap that enables you to wear this lightweight bag either on your shoulder or across your body. This makes the Hermes Double Sens a very easy to wear fashion accessory and a great tool for any modern woman’s needs.

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Built on a narrow base, Hermes Double Sens is not a wide bag, but it covers for this in point of height. Therefore, if you are looking for a seizable bag, you have no reasons to worry as with Double Sense you will have your wish for a bag that fits in everything all covered. No matter if you are a lawyer or a business woman, if you want to carry with your documents or a bulky make up kit, Hermes Double Sens is the answer to your quest for a practical and stylish bag.

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As the famous fashion house’s designers have thought about every single type of woman and every single desire she might have, Hermes Double Sens comes in several versions with three types of materials (Clemence, Sikkim and Croco Chiffon) and three different sizes (36 cm, 45 cm and Maxi). A great bag for everyday use, Hermes Double Sens is one of the most wished for fashion accessories the house created, apart from iconic bag models that already set their name in history like the Birkin and the Kelly.

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The ideal tote for any fashionista who is in love with fashion trends and stylish accessories to make her peers jealous, to carry around for any on the spot shopping decision she might take, to brag about it on any occasion, Hermes Double Sens is the handbag you have been looking for! All your questions have now been answered and your needs fulfilled.

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Available in a nice range of colors, this is the bag you need for your everyday needs. Comfortable and stylish, it will suit your taste for fashion and it will serve its practical purposes at the same time. There is no question about it, when creating the Double Sens, Hermes’ designers have came up with an iconic model that will be around for years without losing its luster and its appeal in any way.