Escale PM Beach Bag

Hermes is  one of those fashion house that has already proved to its fans that it has style and value. Highly aware of its brand’s power, the famous designers do not hesitate to create excentric models, but also very simple ones. An item that belongs to the latter category, Escape PM Beach Bag comes to enrich the house’s collection and to bring even more style into it by its simplicity and elegance. If you thought that only opulence can create a stylish effect, this Hermes bag will prove you wrong. Escape PM Beach Bag is the perfect example of how simplicity can mean elegance.

Escale PM Beach Bag (1)

Featuring a rectangular shape, Escape PM Beach Bag is not very wide and rather high and comes in two color versions (orange and beige) that will make the delight of any Hermes bags fan. Made of toile and borederd with leather, this bag model can be a great solution for the beach, but also for everyday use when going to work, for a walk in town or on a trip. Therefore, if you were looking for a bag model that would send a clear message to anyone around you, you have already found your answer with Escape PM Beach Bag. This Hermes bag will tell everyone you are not afraid of simplicity when it comes to elegance and style. With Escape PM Beach Bag you will be trendy all day long and you will soon understand how important functionality is when talking about a bag.

Escale PM Beach Bag (2)

Can elegance be reinvented? Hermes’ fashion designers say it can. If one day opulent details and vivid colors make the runways, there comes the other day when simplicity of design and uni chromatic tones represent the hottest trends. Escape PM Beach Bag  proves it. Can you conquer the whole world with one single bag? You will have to try it on your own with this fashion item in your wardrobe. Escape PM Beach Bag is the way to check how a toile bag can change your outfit in a second. Not only will your appearance get a boost, but so will your self-confidence as wearing a Hermes bag always pays off. Escape PM Beach Bag will attract many compliments for you all day round and you will always have all your things with you as this sizeable bag allows you to carry with you everything you need.