Evelyne III

A bag series the renowned  fashion house launched on the market a few years back, Evelyne III completes the long line of Hermes bag able to suit various feminine personalities. Featuring a very classical monogram made of perforations in the leather and adorning the bag’s frontal side, Evelyne III comes in a daring and sophisticated range of chromatic tones, from the classy black and brown to electrical green and girly pink.


A Hermes bag that offers stylish women a classy way of carrying with them everything they need all day round, every day of the week, Evelyne III is able suit inside about anything from makeup tools to bulky documents. The only aspect that may impact the volume are its rounded corners, but they certainly add a distinguished style to this very special accessory.


The typical Hermes quality that the fashion house accustomed you to comes along with Evelyne III  – a bag model that will immediately after purchase turn into one of the pieces de resistance of any woman’s wardrobe, matter if we are talking about an ardent fashionista that switches bags three times a day or about a business woman who wants remain stylish and to keep up with fashion trends in a time effective way.


Ever since it was walked down the runways adorning the shoulders of iconic fashion models, this Hermes bag has seduced the fashionistas of the world. The calfskin canvas adorned by an iconic monogram pattern comes in a great range of colors, and the quality standards are compliant with the name of the brand. If you have been looking for ages for a bag to carry on your shoulder or across your body, your dream has come true in the form of Evelyne III.



For a daring woman with an eye for colors, the electrifying green version would be a great choice. If you want to remain classy, go for the black Evelyne III. The brown model is highly suitable for everyday use. For a shocking effect, go for the neon blue or the vivid pink version. Evelyne III is available in all these colors and much more. No matter what type of personality you have or which purpose you want Evelyne III to suit, you will certainly find a good match within the wide array of models available. With Evelyne III you can be yourself and express your preferences in style.