Hermes Garden Party

A handbag that you will be carrying with you every day, especially during the summer season, the Hermes Garden Party is one of the most classic and stylish models the famous fashion house has ever produced. Its popularity has been huge ever since its launch on the market because of the bag’s quality and look. This is why the Garden Party is fairly easy to find in online and offline shops.


A few years ago Hermes’ fashion designers started coming up with all leather versions for their various models, whereas the house had previously used a lot of toile or combinations of leather and fabric to the manufacturing of most of its bags. Garden Party is available in both versions (all leather and toile) and a variety of colors. This is what makes the Garden Party a highly versatile bag and allows the price to go down a little, and this is an important factor especially if you are at your beginnings with Hermes bags, but also if you are planning to add another item to your already rich handbags collection.



Another particularity the Garden Party presents is that, unlike most Hermes bags, it is not lined with leather. This adds to the price calculation as well. Inside the bag you will find one very big compartment where you can place your items. The Garden Party does not come in a compartmented form, but it has a big pocket closed with a zipper on the side for small sized valuables like the wallet and the phone. On top, you have a snap closure and some other snaps on the side to expand the bag in case you need more room.



An aspect you will certainly appreciate with the Garden Party are its handles – long enough for you to carry your favorite bag on the shoulder, but not too long as to stop you from carrying it in your hands. No matter what your need is and which type of outfit you go for that particular day, the Garden Party will turn into a great fashion accessory as well as a reliable companion for your busiest days. One of the most versatile bags that have ever been launched on the market by Hermes fashion house, the Garden Party is recommended to all those women who want to have an introduction to what this brand is about.