Hermes Jypsière Handbag

You may have noticed along the years that sometimes fashion trends actually mens reinventing iconic bag models of the past, bringing them back to life and letting them relive new days of glory. Wether they are made of exotic fabrics or of the classiest calf leather, star handbags have an amazing power to reinvent themselves and remain trendy year after year. This is the story of Jypsière Handbag that Jean-Paul Gaultier created for Hermes using as inspiration emblematic models like the Birkin.


The Jypsière’s success, when it was launched on the market in the fall winter season of 2008, was instant because of the bag’s special personality and gipsy style attitude. Maybe the numbers don’t add up to those of the Birkin , but many Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing the Jypsière ever since it appeared on the market. If you want to join their lines, or if you are a Hermes handbags fan looking for a reliable accessory, the Jypsière is the answer to all your quests. You will soon realize that the Jypsière has everything you need.

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A solid calf leather bag closing in a metallic clasp, the Jypsière is a trustworthy companion and a classy fashion accessory. Inside, this elegant and sophisticated bag is well organized to suit your needs as a modern busy woman. This means you will find inside this bag well designed smartphone pockets, and other compartments for safe storing your most valuable things. You can wear the Jypsière on your shoulder, in your hands or across your body, and you can adjust the strap to suit your outfit’s style.

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Beautiful example of how reputable fashion designers succeed to use their creative genius in order innovate on classical models, coming up with modern handbags perfectly adapted to a contemporary woman’s needs, the Jypsière by Hermes is made of high standard raw calf leather. A reliable, functional and stylish handbag that any dynamic woman needs to carry around all the things she needs, the Jypsière is available in a wide range of colors. This way, it will not only help you ease your day, but it will also enable you to look elegant and trendy every single day. The Jypsière represents that purchase decision you will certainly not regret as the moment you have worn it once, you will simply fall in love with it and the Jypsière will become your favorite handbag ever.