Hermes Soie-Cool

As the name puts its, Hermes Soie Cool is one of the coolest bag models that have ever seen the light of day. If you like off the beaten path fashion accessories and you are a daring spirit that does not hesitate to wear an excentric bag, then Hermes Soie Cool can be the answer to your quest. It will express your free style personality, your love of liberty and your deep interest in the most innovative outfits. Made of silk and bordered with leather, this bag is the IT bag of a daring fashionista.


Hermes has succeeded to surprise its fans plenty of times along the years, and the famous designers will continue to do it. Hermes Soie Cool is just another example of the house’s power to create and defy fashion mainstream, to come up with their own trends and seduce the audience by means of original design and creative blossom. A silky bag? Have you ever thought this would be your favorite? You won’t know unless you try it out! This is your chance for a Hermes bag and you will certainly be seduced forever!


Available in different versions, Hermes Soie Cool has the ability to seduce you, no matter which style adept you are. Is a geometrically asymmetrical pattern of pink and blue shades your idea of a daring bag? The Carré en Cravate is your best choice, then. Do peacock feathers represent your ideal of beauty and style? Then, go Brazilian style with Hermes. Are golden charms inspired by the Roman statues more likely to look appealing to your fashionista eye? In this case, you have Brides de Gala. Anything you may wish for is possible with the Hermes Soie Cool handbag. Be cool in silk! This is what the play upon words in Hermes Soie Cool’s name tells us in its unique French style.


The coolest bag ever, Hermes Soie Cool is a great choice for any modern woman who wants to have something different, non-conformist and innovative in her wardrobe. Carry along your valuables all day long in a silky modern bag that will make you feel great and will attract a lot of compliments. Have the feeling of exclusivity with Carré en Cravate or be gorgeous with Brides de Gala. Any option you might go for stands for the same Hermes values you expect from such an innovative and stylish product.