Lindy Handbag

A bag model the French fashion house launched on the market back in 2007, the Hermes Lindy Bag earned instant popularity with the fashionistas of the world for several reasons related to style, quality and design. One the Hermes Lindy Bag’s greatest merits refers to breaking free with the well known style featuring most Hermes bags that have been issued on the market so far. The Hermes Lindy Bag has a much more relaxed line of design, while maintaining the quality and elegance standards that Hermes fashion items have accustomed us with.


A younger version of the world wide famous Birkin handbags, the Hermes Lindy Bag is the perfect choice for all those women who have been looking for a fun bag to accessorize their outfits in  style, but to enable them to maintain a high style look. You can wear the Hermes Lindy Bag as a tote, in your hands or on your shoulder. This particular feature makes it a versatile accessory any woman would be happy to have it in her wardrobe. The Hermes Lindy Bag ’s modern style makes it perfect to for everyday use, but also for a casual event you have to attend.


The Hermes Lindy is not only a very stylish accessory, but also a highly functional and reliable bag that can make your everyday life a lot easier. Its double sided inside compartments enables you to carry your personal items in an organized manner. It collapses and becomes a lot smaller when empty, but expands to fit in all the stuff you need to carry with you throughout the day. The Hermes Lindy Bag is probably one of the most versatile fashion items the house has ever created.


Available both in leather version and in canvas (trimmed with calfskin), the Hermes Lindy Bag is a great option for the spring summer days when you want to look gorgeous, but you also need to carry with you plenty of things including documents, make up kits and so on. Whether you go for leather or for canvas, the Hermes Lindy Bag will seduce you from the first sight. If you are new to Hermes bags, this is a great introduction that will turn you into one of the house’s most ardent fans. Once a Hermes bag owner, you are definitely a Hermes lover forever, or at least so they say.