Optique Chaine d’Ancre

Have you been looking for a really special bag? Available on the market onl for a few seasons, Optique Chaine d’Ancre may very well be the solution you have been searching. Great looks, high quality materials, an amazing design and the best fashion accessory for a stylish woman! These are the right words to describe Optique Chaine d’Ancre – a Hermes bag that has all the potential to become one of the most coveted luxury products on the market.

Optique Chaine d'Ancre

After creating a lot of sensation with iconic models like the Birkin and the Kelly, the famous fashion house has issued on the market another fabulous handbag that can simply fascinate anyone. The game of two contrasting colors (pure white and dazzling blue) is the secret of Optique Chaine d’Ancre’s success. Dazzling blue has been actually named the trendiest color of 2014 and Hermes designers seem to have sensed this trend coming in already.

The bag has an interesting shape, wider towards the upper part that provides it with a retro air as it reminds the traditional market baskets women used to wear once. The white handles are big enough to be worn on the arm or in your hands. The game of chains, blue and white, complete the charm of the bag and represented a source of inspiration for the name. Geometrical patterns have always been a great fashion feature. When accompanied by an irresistable chromatic combination, things become even more interesting.

Certainly aimed at women who love retro fashion trends and appreciate the power of accessories to reinvent themselves, Optique Chaine d’Ancre is the perfect choice for an white outfit as well as for more vivid ones. It can bring the touch of color on an uni outfit, but carefully matched, it can also go with geometric prints playing on the same idea of symetry for elegance.

If you have not decided which is your next piece de resistance for the summer, the Optique Chaine d’Ancre by Hermes can be your answer. Elegant and stylish, it will turn into your most trustworthy fashion accessory and it will accompany you day by day. If you already know what a Hermes bag can do for you, you are also aware there is no room for hesitation. Hermes bags quickly become IT bags and the Optique Chaine d’Ancre has all the potential to do so. Hurry up to make it your own!