Picotin Lock Purse

Created with fashionable women in mind, this Hermes bag is a great choice for all those who like stylish fashionable accessories. The famous house’s designers seem to have found inspiration for Picotin Lock within the always more popular globetrotting trends. As more and more women are nowadays crisscrossing the world and commuting from one place to another on a frequent basis, Picotin Lock comes as an answer to their effort of bringing some fresh air into their bag collection. Any woman likes to adorn herself with a new bag from time to time. Are you one of them?


Whether you are just now planning to take a road trip accompanied by your own family or by your highschool friends, or your jobs involves frequent flights to distant places, you are in for a treat! Picotin Lock is a great addition to Hermes bag collection, bringin in an item that is all about your globetrotting comfort and style. With Picotin Lock you don’t have to worry anymore: you will be able to bring with you all the things you can possibly need, while also remaining elegant and stylish.


With Picotin Lock, you can just choose your favourite color and travel the world as this fabulous Hermes bag ensures your freedom, your elegance and your comfort. With Picotin Lock everything comes in one pack. Whether you are planning a long distance trip or you have to go out shopping with your friends, this uniquely designed and very practical Hermes bag will turn at the same time into a great fashion accessory and a very practical tool.


Who would not be proud to adorn on her shoulder a Hermes bag that makes such a modern interpretation of the iconic 60s’ fashion style. Picotin Lock is not just another bag the renowned French house has created for you, the contemporary busy yet very trendy woman.  It mixed different styles combining a series of symbols, ranging from the love of shopping to the sophisticated femininity of a modern and dynamic business woman. Inside the Picotin Lock bag you will certainly appreciate the well compartmented space – sufficient for fit in everything a busy woman like you needs to carry with her. You will never lose or misplace an item inside your Picotin Lock bag, and the closure will ensure your belongings’ safety wherever you go, while you look stylish and trendy.